Frequently asked questions

How are your lamps made?

The lamps are laser cut from 1/8" Birch wood. The color background is glued to back of each lamp panel. Once the glue is dried the panels are fit together using the custom designed joinery requiring no glue. The base and the top are keys that lock the four panels in place.

Where do the lamp's designs come from?

Each design is hand drawn by Vermont Artist Peter Katz.

What are the lamp dimensions?

Classic lamps are 7" square and 16" tall and weigh just over 1 pound. Small lamps with rounded over corners are 6" square and 10" tall and weigh just 1 pound.

Do the lamps come in only one size?

Lamps come in both classic and small sizes. The classic lamps are 16" tall and the small lamps are 10" tall.

How long will it take for my lamp to arrive at my house?

Lamps typically ship within three to five days from date of purchase.

How much electricity do the lamps require?

The fixtures that we use take candellabra bulbs that typically 7-10 watts.

Is it easy to change burnt out bulbs?

Yes, just reach down into the lamp and unscrew the old bulb and screw in the new bulb.

Can I order customized lamps?

Yes, custom designs are absolutely possible. Please reach out via phone or email to discuss the design requirements for your custom design. Prices for custom lamps will vary from standard lamps.